Get a personalized song created from scratch from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.
In 3 easy steps, have a song created from scratch that tells your story. 

The more information you give me for your personalized song, the better! So, type away! Give me any details about your situation that you'd like me to mention. This can be anecdotes/stories, names, concepts, funny details, etc. But keep in mind that shorter songs cannot contain as many lyrics/topics/ideas as longer songs.  



  • "I want to tell my Grandma Betty how much we love her. Her 80th birthday is coming up, she loves southern food, has 8 grandkids, and she was born in the mountains of West Virginia" 
  •  "Use this lyric: sunset with you is the best sunset for two" 
  •  "I'm using this song to ask my girlfriend to prom. Pretty, long red hair, we're in high school, we met by the lockers, she's into video games, we ate indian food on our first date (i'm also a girl)." 
  •  "Joking around with my friend as a wedding gift. He (Justin) once barfed during a first date. He had taken her to an Italian restaurant after riding rollercoasters, and despite everything, she still took him home! What a legend. Now they're engaged."